Hello, my name is Juliano Baby Amorim and I am Brazilian born in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina and raised in the world.

Based in beautiful Queenstown, New Zealand.

Welcome to my photography world.

My interests

Light, my true passion in life, is with her that I transcribe the revealed forms between contrasts, shadows and shines. This feeling of being surrounded by the infinite possibilities that we do not always see, the more beautiful or darker side that an angle of a light can show you, I love.
Photography makes me appreciate the world in which I live. With my camera in hand, I feel like a super hero who with the use of the technique, creativity and experimentation can create endless possibilities of records. I never think it's impossible. My goal is to create and look with new eyes so that through my art, I can share with you this universe in ways that are on Earth.

The world I see through my camera makes sense to me. Simple moments, without the confusion of noises, without fear, without doubt, or prejudices. They are slices of time, captured for all to see. They are glimpses of my journey through life, which I hope one day, to tell something that, from my internal expressions and ideas. These are my moments, my memories, my life.

The photographic journey is full of challenges, a roller coaster of creativity, courage and perseverance, self-doubt, repetitions and thousands of hours of invisible toil, but I love every aspect of it because photography calms mine.

I try to be truly different, I try to focus on the present to give attention to the aspects and valued forgotten or not noticed by our lack of attention and affection with the day to day. I try to find satisfaction in the environment that surrounds me and find her photographing, which brings me the immense desire to share her with others.

I am excited about the future, grateful for my past, but trying to live the present in the best possible way, doing what I love.

If you are interested in my work to contact me, I am open to photographic discussions, image sales, courses, and budgets.

Thank you very much for your interest in my work and, see you around, in new adventures of images around the world.